La Mamola’s Paseo

The Mancomunidad de la Costa Tropical is going to pump 389,000 euros into sorting out the storm drains, sewage system and pavements on the Paseo in La Mamola.

The Chairman of the Mancomunidad, who just happens to be the Vice Mayor of Motril, amongst other councillor titles at the Motril Town Hall, took a trip out to the Polopos-La Mamola municipality, where he was received by the Mayor, Matías González (PP). Being of the same political party, they probably didn’t have a lot to disagree about.

Sr. García Fuentes and Sr. Matías González went over the improvements included with the ciclo integral del agua, which included eliminating several layers of tarmac that have accumulated on the paseo over the passage of time, as well as sorting out the deficiencies of a system that was designed and laid out over 40 years ago.

The Mayor of Polopos-La Mamola commented, “The sewage system for the paseo is a priority for La Mamola, more so since the increase in population over recent years.”

(News: La Mamola, Costa Tropical, Granada, Andalucia)