Tied Up Tight

Many of us will have suffered long airplane journeys next to or near an obnoxious passenger. But passengers on a recent flight from Iceland to New York, decided they had had enough of the violent, spitting and very loud drunk on their flight. So, they tied him up for the remainder of the flight!

Gudmundur Karl Arthorsson, a 46-year-old civil engineer, thought it would be a good idea to drink all of his duty free alcohol allowance during his flight. This would be ok if he had then just fallen asleep, however, he then became very loud, screaming that the aircraft was going to crash. He followed this up by trying to choke a woman and spitting on anyone who came near.

It was at this point that several passengers subdued Mr. Arthorsson, taped him to his seat, including his mouth, and left him there for the remaining two hours of the flight.

It was confirmed by a Port Authority spokesman, Ron Marisco, that the man was escorted from the aircraft at JFK, arrested and taken to hospital in Queens. However, prosecutors decided not to press charges, as passengers were reluctant to discuss the events on board with authorities, according to the New York Post.

So, just in case you encounter an annoying drunk or possibly a really noisy and annoying child on your next flight, make sure you pop some duck tape and cable ties in your hand luggage!