Plaza de Joe Strummer

The rock legend that is Joe Strummer, frontman of the Punk Rock band The Clash, has had a square in the city of Granada named after him.

It had been talked about for some time and after a huge facebook campaign and a petition that contained over 2,000 signatures from local residents, it has now come to pass. So how did a rocker like Joe end up with such a close connection to a Spanish city?

Well, he first arrived in Granada in the 1970’s, when he visited the city with his Spanish girlfriend Paloma Romero, who, incidentally was the drummer for the Punk girl band, The Slits. From that first visit they became frequent visitors and even formed a close relationship with local band 091, who he went on to produce an album for in Madrid.

Sadly, Joe died at just 50-years-old in 2002, but the city has never forgotten this rocker with a deep affection for Spanish culture, people and in particular Granada.

Rock-on Joe!

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(News: Granada, Andalucia, Spain)