Put A Sock in It!

A Guardia Civil policeman managed to save a habitual criminal’s life by staunching his wound with his sock.

The police sergeant in Fuentes de Andalucía recognised 45-year-old J.C.S. from many previous ‘meetings’ resulting in his arrest. This time J.C.S had been in a fight with somebody and had several open wounds in his head, neck, wrists and chest and was bleeding to death as a result of them.

Sergeant José Bueno took off his socks to plug the worse wounds and used his handkerchief as a tourniquet on his wrist wound. Mind you, J.C.S wasn’t that cooperative in the beginning.

You see, the sergeant was dressed in civvies and unarmed, as he was on holiday and was visiting family when he heard shouts coming from a nearby street, so he went to investigate. He came across J.C.S. ‘bleeding from head to foot’ and wielding a double-edged dagger, with a 23cm blade and an overall length of 40cm. The sergeant shouted for him to drop the weapon, which was ignored, so he disarmed him.

He immediately saw that J.C.S. was close to fainting and in a bad state. After staunching the man’s wounds he phoned 061 for medical and police assistance, in the meantime his ‘patient’ was insulting and threatening him avidly, recognising his ‘Good Samaritan’ as the same man who had arrested him on several previous occasions.

The man was taken to the nearest hospital, where he is recovering. Meanwhile the person who inflicted the wounds was also arrested when he turned up at a nearby medical centre to have his own wounds tended to.

(News: Funtes, Granada, Andalucia,)