3,000-Signature Petition

Several thousand people in the city of Granada have signed a petition to have an alleged child molester imprisoned until the day of his trial. At present, after having spent two weeks in custody in August, he is at liberty pending trial.

The supposed victim is his own daughter, who is now 15. According to the girl, her father started by fondling her and even went to bed with her. The crunch came when she confessed to her younger sister that “Daddy is touching me.” The Grandmother of the reported victim came to hear what was going on and confronted the mother with the situation over a meal. The 37-year-old father was present and denied it before hastily abandoning the house and driving off.

The mother immediately reported the situation to the police and almost immediately a magistrate ordered that the accused be taken into custody. However, no conclusive evidence was found during a medical examination of the girl, so the magistrate ordered his release pending trial after two weeks.

Nevertheless, there is still possible evidence to be tested by the forensic police; namely a sheet from the girls bed that is reported to have sperm stains on it – the DNA is being tested. Should it prove a positive identification then the man will be returned to prison.

But it seems that many are not happy with this situation because the Granada-based neighourhood action group, Rechazo Social Contra la Pederastia (Social Rejection of Child Molesters) has collected 3,000 signatures and is demanding that he remains in prison until his trial.

Editorial Comment: Proven guilty or innocent is a nicety for some, for whom he is already guilty, it seems.

(News: Metropolitan Granada, Granada, Andalucia)