It’s Chestnut Season!

Órgiva held its third year of the Castañada Alpujarreña, which was organised by the Ayuntamiento de Alpujarra de la Sierra, with a helping hand from the Ayuntamiento de Órgiva. The result was hundreds of kilos of chestnuts were roasted and handed around to locals and tourists.

The event kicked off in the Plaza Alpujarra in Órgiva at 20.00h, and the locals gathered around the roasting chestnuts despite the rain. As the chestnuts sizzled the Cuerda San Miguel chorus sang.

The mayors of both towns took part and the cultural association, La Casa de la Alpujarra, awarded the la Castaña de Plata to the Asociación Cultural Abuxarra, which is considered the oldest association (club) in the area and one of the hardest working ones that strives to keep this kind of cultural activity alive.

October, November and December are chestnut season and many villages celebrate with their own roast-chestnut fiestas, accompanied by plenty of anís or the year’s produce of country wine.

(News: Orgiva, Alpujarra, Granada, Andalucia)