Chop Top Jobs

The socialist opposition party in Motril are proposing that the Town Hall should save 400,000 euros a year by eliminating seven politically nominated positions in the municipal administration.

But this is all part of the combined opposition parties’ plan to vote against the 2012 municipal budget, which they consider hits down hard on families in the town and contributes to the destruction of employment.

The socialist leader has called on the conservative governing party to be ‘brave and imaginative’ by not increasing taxes but at the same time to fight unemployment. One way, the party Spokesman suggests, is to axe the posts of seven area coordinators and two auxiliary posts that the conservatives maintain, costing the municipal coffers some 400,000 euros.

We hope to be able to bring to you the Mayor’s response, just as soon as we receive it.

(News: Motril, Costa Tropical, Granada, Andalucia)