Hotel Gloom Over Imserso

First of all, Imserso is the Spanish company that supplies government-subsidized holidays for pensioners. The gloom in question is the possibility that hotels on the Costa Tropical won’t receive any trade from this sector until January, instead of from the end of this month, thanks to cuts in public spending.

Consequently, some hotels in Almuñécar that depend on this meager income to keep their doors open through the winter will close for the season, with the corresponding loss of jobs. They don’t make a profit from it, but it prevents generating a loss and keeps staff in a job.

Although the Government insists that things will continue as in previous years, the hotel owners are decided jumpy because it is rather late in the year to come across a surprise of this nature. Remember that these hotels have not been able to seek other guests because they must reserve the rooms for the Imserso guests.

All told, the hotels on the Costa Tropical that cater for this sector provide 1,020 beds. This figure means that if the Imserso arrival is postponed to January, they will lose 66,300 overnight stays or ‘pernoctations.’ This figure in turn translates into a 1.3m euros loss, and that is only accommodation, without taking into account bar bills and excursions.

The affected hotels would be Best Alcázar (325 beds), Hotel Helios (175), Hotel Carmen (90), Playa Cotobro (129), Almuñécar Playa (100) and Hotel Victoria (210) In the case of the smallest one, Hotel Carmen, Imserso amounts to 90% of their trade during the winter months – they would have no other option than to close for the season, laying off staff.

Whereas, cost cutting in the public sector is understandable and even desirable, cutting back on Imserso, apart from being a social disaster for pensioners, it will also mean pushing up unemployment figures with the corresponding outlay in unemployment benefit. It also means a lose in IVA and IRPF (purchase tax and personal tax).

(News: Almunecar, Costa Tropical, Granada, Andalucia)

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