Salobreña Beach Coverage

The Town Hall has announced that the Protección Civil will be patrolling the beaches up to the 16th of this month. Motril seems to be the only coastal town on the Costa Tropical that is anything short of grateful for the voluntary dedication of these guys, but we shan’t go into that further here.

So, on Salobreña beaches the P.C. handled 2,332 cases, of which 2,084 were jellyfish stings, during the month of August – that’s almost three times more than July, by the way (798).

But it hasn’t all been jellyfish wrestling because the beach volunteers also sorted out 121 minor injuries, such as eye rinses, bruises, sea-urchin spine extractions and sunburn. They also had to launch the launch to investigate possible distress situations, call the ambulance 17 times and ferry 19 people in the P.C. vehicles. They even had to co-ordinate with the Almuñécar lot over somebody who was messing about on the rocks between the two municipalities during a gale; bless his perilous socks.

But they’re not only there to rescue lunatics with a tendency to involuntarily submerge, solar-toast or romp with jellyfish, because they also provide a service for people with mobility problems, because they have special chairs for helping them into and out of the water.

This volunteers deserve all our respect and congratulations… and a stiff letter to the Times concerning the Motril Town Hall.

(News: Salobrena, Costa Tropical, Granada, Andalucia)

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