Pedigree Dogs Perish in Fire

A fire at a dog kennel in the Irish Republic has resulted in the deaths of 14 dogs, amongst them one belonging to a Almuñécar breeder, José Antonio Joya Martín.

The fire occurred on the 16th of August at the Woodhaven Kennels in Donore (Kildare). In the premises was an Asociación sexitana de Afganos (Afghan breed) prize-winning dog, Yanqui and he was amongst other breeds such as Spaniels, Beagles and Sealyham Terriers, some were puppies.

The couple that runs the Woodhaven Kennels, Justin and Dorothea Carroll, telephoned their clients to inform them of the disaster – information is still sketchy but it appears that nine dogs were saved, which are recuperating from the ordeal.

The breeders who lost dogs in the fire are not happy and want to take out proceedings against the Kennel, it seems, as this does not appear to be the first unusual incident at the kennel.

The Irish police are investigating the incident but have not reached any conclusions concerning the origin of the fire. A police spokesman said that there was nobody present at the installations when the fire occurred.

The social networks have been buzzing with the news of this incident and a pressure group is being formed to obtain more information from the Irish police, as well as calling for a sanction against the couple from exhibiting or judging dogs in any country in the world.

More information (in English) is available at: dog owner’s facebook account

Sr. Joya said, “I will blame myself for the rest of my life for not listening to my heart – that sixth sense we sometimes have . I handed over my dear dog to them so that they could train him, and all through this time I asked for photos of the dog, its individual kennel and the installations. But I now know that it was all false. We have discovered that they had 28 dogs in a house cellar. Those dogs that could escape from the fire were running lose; they were small breed, and there was a German Bulldog that managed to break the mesh over the window to escape, as well.

I was getting ready to pick my dog up. Just the previous week I sent them an email to arrange for its collection but it was already too late.”

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