Painting Exhibition in Motril

La Casa Condesa de Torre Isabel will be hosting a painting exhibition by Manuel Ruiz y Enrique Pérez-Linares from now until the 14th of April. These same works have been on display in Granada, where they attracted many visitors.

The Vice-Mayor and Councillor for Culture, Nicolás Navarro, is delighted that they were able to bring the exhibition down to the coast. The exhibition, entitled, ‘De Granada a Motril’ is a collection of works by Manuel Ruiz spanning from 1959 to 2010.

Those that might decided to visit this exhibition can also take the opportunity to visit the Sala de Exposiciones at the Fábrica del Pilar, which has an exhibition to celebrate the coming 1,000th anniversary of the Kingdom of Granada. You could even visit the Museo de Historia de Motril, which is at the Casa de la Palma, near the multi-cine.

Manuel Ruiz expressed his thanks for the opportunity to exhibit in Motril, where he worked for many years at the Centro de profesorado.

Manuel Ruiz Ruiz was born in Granada in 1949 and studied at the Universidad de Granada, where he obtained ‘técnico superior’ of Applied Arts. His works have been put on display in France, Italy, Poland, Mexico, Brazil, Germany, the USA and Turkey.

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