It’s Silly Season!

Photo: infocostatropical

There was a small fire at the beginning of March on the garden terraces, behind the Edif. La Roca block of flats, which is more or less where the Paseo del Altillo ends and where Paseo Prieto Moreno begins.

Policia Local and firemen turned up at 08.45h to find that somebody has been burning dried-out weeds and shrubs, as well as rubbish – the result was a lot of smoke, more than anything else, which poured into the open windows of the houses up in the old town, above.

According to neighbours, a worker from the company that is in charge of providing cleaning for the block had decided to ‘clean up’ this almost abandoned area behind the building, heaping up cleared vegetation and rubbish to form a bonfire. Trouble was that everything was bone dry and the bonfire was too big.

Before you could say, “That caught easily,” the fire had spread across one of the terraces and was eyeing hungrily the one above it.

With more smoke than an Atilla the Hun tour, everybody was soon spluttering and reaching for the phone. The firemen turned up and put out several fires  and dampened the area to stop it spreading.

And the moral of the story: this is Andalucia after one of the driest winters in years and abnormally high temperatures for the season – leave the bloody matches alone!

(News: Almunecar, Costa Tropical, Granada, Andalucia)

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