Nerja Shoot Out

The man who received a gunshot wound to the neck on Monday in Nerja remains in the ICU of the Málaga hospital, Carlos Haya.

The other two victims of the shooting incident remain hospitalized in the area hospital in Vélez-Málaga. One of the men, who was shot in the stomach, has been operated on and is now on a normal ward, as is the younger man who received a gunshot wound to the ankle.

The shooting incident occurred in Calle José Antonio Muñoz Rojas in a pedestrian walkway, where it appeared that those involved had met. Three men; one Spaniard and two North Africans, turned up in a silver-coloured car and  met up with several local youths, who had been sitting on a bench.

From what the Guardia Civil has gleaned from those injured, an argument started, at which point one of the men that had arrived in the car drew a gun and opened fire against two youths. Despite being injured, one of the youths made it to a nearby house and returned with a shotgun, at which point the occupants of car beat a hasty retreat in their vehicle.

The result of the shootout was three wounded, who were first attended at the Nerja Medical Centre. Upon realising that they were dealing with gunshot wounds, the medical staff called the Guardia Civil, who sent out patrol cars to the Medical Centre, as well as to the scene of the shooting, which they cordoned off to prevent evidence being lost.

From the Medical Centre, two men of 25 and 31, both residents of Nerja, where taken to the area hospital’s emergency department around 18.30h. As one of them had a neck wound, it was decided to transfer him to the better-equipped provincial hospital in Malaga capital.

In the last month, the province has experienced several violent incidents; the most recent being in the city of Málaga in the García Grana quarter, where a 25-year old lost his life in a stabbing incident. Just three days previously, the police found the body of a 55-year-old Russian woman in a flat in Fuengirola, who had a knife wound to the chest.

(News: Nerja, Malaga, Andalucia)

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