Strummer Street

Do you remember The Clash? Then you will remember Joe Strummer, who is in the process of having a street in Granada named after him. From 1984 he was often here, loving the fact that he could hang out in a pub and nobody recognised him… well, almost nobody. He was friends with the top Granada band of the time, 091.

Trouble was, Joe Strummer did look remarkably like Joe Strummer, but the idea that a member of one of the top punk bands the world has ever known could be hanging out at Pub Silbar, tucked away in the centre of Granada, had most people coming to the conclusion: “There’s that guiri again that looks like Strummer;” i.e., he looks like him, but couldn’t possibly be so.

On one occasion, he had been celebrating his 40th birthday with family and friends and a bedraggled busker with an accordion wouldn’t believe the he was the real Joe Strummer, so he asked him to sing Jimmy Jazz, which he did. The busker still didn’t believe him and to top it all off, an English couple sitting at another table threw some coins at the group, remarking how he sounded exactly like the real thing.

But Joe Strummer wasn’t here to be recognised, but to chill out and get over the pain of the disintegration of The Clash. He probably got his interest for Granada through his admiration for Lorca and a Spanish girlfriend Paloma Romero, although he wasn’t Joe Strummer then, but Woody.

Whatever the reasons for his being here, his presence left one particular couple with the idea of paying tribute to him by getting signatures together and petitioning the City Hall to call a street after him: Calle Strummer. The City Hall has approve the motion put forward by a socialist councillor and now it only needs to be decided which street it will be.

You can visit the facebook account to see how it is going by clicking here

(News: Granada, Andalucia)

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