Coendu Can Do It

Coendu S.L, located in Almuñécar, is more than just a consultancy company. Established in the Costa Tropical for more than 20 years, Coendu offers a wide range of advisory, legal, insurance and property services to both the commercial sector and personal clients in our area.

Dealing with Spanish paperwork can be time consuming and frustrating, particularly for non-Spanish speakers. The answer is Coendu’s multi lingual team, which speaks Swedish, English, Spanish, French and German.

It doesn’t matter if its buying/selling property or even managing it, dealing with Spanish bureaucracy to set up a business, getting your tax declaration sorted out, translating that unfathomable Spanish official letter or fiscal representation in general, Rafael Pulido and Lena Högberg in the Coendul office on Avenida Don Juan Carlos in Almuñécar are the two people that you should be talking to.

After all, Coendu was formed in the late 80s precisely to assist foreign nationals buying a holiday home or moving to Spain permanently. There isn’t much that they haven’t covered since then, from finding you a trustworthy tradesman to whipping up some favourable activity in the ponderous and seemingly immobile bureaucratic services of the Town Hall offices.

You can find them next to the old Delfin Books premises at the beach end of Avenida Don Juan carlos, Almuñécar, Tel 958 63 42 05,

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