Released Pending Trial

Two adolescents were arrested in Granada, charged and released, pending trial, over an incident in which an elderly man suffered a heart attack and died following a mugging.

The incident occurred in the Zona Norte, which is a marginal quarter of the city. Around two in the afternoon the 76-year-old victim was out strolling with his wife and daughter when they were approached by a group of five or six teenagers. The assailants pushed them around, whilst taking all their valuables before running off.

As this was a Sunday, the family had just visited the popular Sunday market (La Marcha Verde) and were on their way back to their car.

The elderly gentleman was visibly very shaken and immediately started to complain of not feeling well, before fainting. His wife and daughter immediately phoned the Policía Nacional (061), who rapidly responded.

The ambulance crew confirmed that the man had suffered a heart attack and rushed him to the Hospital Ruiz de Alda, but the attack had been massive and little could be done.

The Grupo de Delincuencia Urbano Norte and the Grupo de Menores (Grume) opened an investigation; the former dealing with over 18’s and the latter with the minors involved.

(News: Zona Norte, Metropolitan Granada, Granada, Andalucia)

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