Insult & Attack a Mayor for Only €150

(North-East Granada) It sounds like a special offer, but it is merely a reflection of how the judicial system works. The following is the case of a mayor who was insulted and punched by a woman in his own office.

The Mayor of Valle del Zalabi, Manuel Aranda came into close contact with the woman – closer than he had wished, on the 7th of September, when she stormed into his office to complain about a water bill.

She became angrier and angrier, progressing from raising her voice to offering to stab him in the head with his own ballpoint pen. Warming to the task, she then dematerialized a vase before settling for wounding him in the neck with her car keys.

Thanks to a ‘fast-track trial’ the affair was up before a judge the very next day, resulting in the woman having to pay 150 euros in compensation to the dented mayor. She also had to pay several related fines and was handed down a 16-month, suspended prison sentence as she had no previous criminal record.

The Mayor, although 150 euros up, is not impressed with the sentence, considering that public functionaries are defenceless against such aggression. He considers that the judicial retribution should be considerably stiffer – the electric chair?

We witness, almost on a weekly basis, how doctors and medical staff, teachers, etc, are subjected to verbal abuse and physical attacks from patients and parents, and now our mayors may just have to barricade themselves in their offices or subject visitors to full-body searches and give interviews from behind bullet-proof glass.

Whilst it is obvious that this kind of behaviour against people who hold public office, be it in an administrative post, school or medical centre, is unacceptable, one cannot help thinking that our body politic has gone a long way to discrediting themselves in the eyes of the general public, perhaps.

(News: Guadix, Granada, Andalucia)

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