Model Aircraft Competition

Courtesy of Almunecar Town Hall

Around a dozen participants got together in the municipal sports stadium on the 15th to take part in the model-aircraft display, which was organised by the Funfly Aeromodelismo club.

The display was divided into model aeroplanes and model helicopters, with the former having to carry out barrel turns, loops and precision landings, whilst the latter just had to try and not kill anybody…. Nah, just joking! The helicopters had a sort of balloon race (don’t ask) and precision landings, as well. The winners were as follows:

1) José María 800 points.
2) Abel Martín 560 points.
3) Arsenio Solana 480 points.
4) Carlos Estévez 310 points.
5.) Francisco Jiménez 190 points.
6) José Luis 110 points.

1) Enrique Fabrat 150 points.
2) Arsenio Solana 130 points.
3) David Funes 120 points.

David Darby, who had entered the helicopter category with a car battery glued to an electric fan, was disqualified for decapitating a judge…

Whilst the entry in the fixed wing category from Martin Myall, which consisted of four lolly sticks and an elastic band, removed the eye of a small child, before bursting into flames and crashing to the ground… in fact, more or less mirroring his RAF career.

(News: Almunecar, Costa Tropical, Granada, Andalucia)

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