Marina Playa Granada

Courtesy of Motril Town Hall

The company that intends to build a marina on Playa Granada has now presented its viability report to the Junta de Andalucia. The Project has a budget of 85 million euros and would make a huge change to the prospects for this part of the town and tourism in Motril in general.

This ‘marina interior’ will be build on Punta del Santo, which is between the campsites on the beach road and the holiday residence of the Belgian monarchy. The project also includes a tourist complex, as well as business and leisure facilities.

The Public Agency for Ports in Andalucia will make public the project until the 2nd of September, during which time anybody who wishes to object to the plan can formally do so – the plans will be on display in the central offices in Sevilla or in the Delegación de Obras Públicas in Granada.

The viability study is the first step in the administrative procedure, even though Marina Playa Granada has been working with local administrative bodies for the last two years. The next step will be the drawing up of the ante-project at the beginning of next year, culminating in the actual building work beginning in two years from now, if there are no hiccups. The actual building phase is projected to last 18 months.

Of the budget, 40m will actually go on building the marina, whilst the remaining 45m will be destined for the building of a tourist complex and the business and leisure facilities. The future manager of the marina, Luis Aribayos, says that the funds are already found with bank guarantees issued.

[mappress]In fact, the Marina Playa Granada consortium is made up of 147 Granada businesses, including CajaGranada and Caja Rural.

So there you have it; if all goes according to plan, Motril will have a leisure port-cum-marina in four years time!

The marina will have 800 berths, as well as shops specialising in nautical equipment and supplies. There will also be a 4-star hotel, as well as leisure facilities.

Being a ‘marina interior’ the marina will only occupy about 50 metres of beach, having a channel leading from the sea to the marina facilities, which will be set slightly back inland.

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