Born to Die I

The article is from the Malaga area and concerns a 31-year-old, Paraguayan woman who has been sentenced to two years’ imprisonment for the 2nd-degree murder of her baby that she gave birth to on a toilet.

On the night of the 28th of April 2009, finding herself on the point of giving birth to her second child, which she had hidden from her husband during the whole pregnancy, she locked herself in the bathroom and gave birth, sitting on the toilet.

Don’t ask us how she could have hidden a pregnancy in the ninth-month stage, or indeed during all those months – this is not explained in the news agency article.

Anyway, the poor little sod was alive when he was born but didn’t last long; not only because it was born head down, in a toilet bowl, but also because the mother made no attempt to clear the mucus and other birth fluids in its mouth and nostrils.

Her defence lawyer claimed that the woman had been taken by surprise, but the presiding judge rejected this argument because ‘it cannot be conceived that the woman would not have noticed the birth contractions, growing in intensity and frequency, as well as having broken waters.’

Furthermore, the judge took into account that the woman had locked herself in the bathroom and had not called for help, which led to the fateful consequences.

Finally, when she was arrested, her husband was also arrested; it being suspected that they were in cahoots, but it was later proven that he had not been aware of the pregnancy, let alone the birth during the said night.

The questions left unanswered are: how did she hide the pregnancy so effectively? Why did she hide it from the husband? Was it her intention for the baby to die upon birth or did she think that she could conceal its existence long enough to leave it in caring hands? Did she leave it in the toilet until it had finally asphyxiated, and if she did, was it because she was too exhausted to help it in time? Your guesses are as good as ours.

(News: Malaga, Costa del Sol, Andalucia)

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