Lorry Park

By the time that you are reading this, the El Coso; i.e., the P-4 duck pond, will be a lorry park – there is much necessity for one in Almunecar, but time will tell whether the location is a feasible one.

Sure, it’s empty land and was earmarked for the municipal bullring, which due to the lack of ‘bricks and mortar enthusiasm’ in the country’s banking system, never got off the drawing board.

The trouble is that in all these months it has been little more than a muddy pond because the water table is so high there. The parking surface is just compressed earth, which was used to fill in the pond, so when you start getting heavily laden lorries parking on it…

The Town Hall says that it will be a temporary arrangement, providing an enclosed and watched-over parking area for heavy vehicles. Until now, you will find lorries parked on the verge of the N-340 between the P-4 junction and the bridge; at the entrance for the Los Pinos, and on the ring road around the football stadium.

Unfortunately, there have been a series of thefts of the trailers; hence the need for a more secure parking area.

(News: Almunecar, Costa Tropical, Granada, Andalusia)

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