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Women Wise – May

What a coincidence: The woman featured in my Women-Wise article this month is called Wise; Carolyn Wise – that is. I met her at restaurant Rincón de Peña Parda, in La Herradura and was curious to hear her story.

20 Handy Tips

My girlfriends and I were recently sharing very handy tips that have been passed down to us – mostly by our grandmothers. I haven’t tried all of them myself yet, so I can’t guarantee how well they work. Here are a few I’d like to share with you

Art in the Area

We are very lucky to have such a multitude of talented and dedicated artists in our local community. Thankfully, so many of them are willing share their time, energy and passion in order that the rest of us can behold and enjoy their interesting and beautiful creations.

Journey to the Light

Have you ever met someone who died? Someone who died and lived to tell about it? Sounds bizarre and incredible, right? Well, I know a Danish gentleman, living in La Herradura, who has had that unfortunate (or should I say fortunate?) experience.

Who is Martinus?

Mette Owen in her Danish Column had a chat with Else Byskov; about her own writings and what influence the Danish writer Martinus had on her.

Love a Child

I have previously mentioned the social and business-networking group called WomenWorks. It is a group of like-minded women who meet the first Friday of each month to connect, support and inspire one another.

Life or Death Debate

Is it acceptable for doctors not to attempt to save a life? Is it okay for doctors to decide ahead of time, whether a patient who goes into cardiac arrest, should be resuscitated or admitted to intensive care?

A Good Man

Most will agree that the most talked about subject among women is relationships – usually the relationship (or lack thereof) that we have with a man in our life. So Ladies, this one is for you. It is what I perceive to be some of the highlights of a book that I recently read containing…

The Little Mermaid

I am home in Vancouver, Canada and have just come back from a visit to Stanley Park, one of the city’s most popular and visited attractions. In this wonderful and lush park you will find totem poles, an aquarium, a rose garden, a sea wall, bike trails, pools, playgrounds, not to mention a multitude of monuments and statues.

The Gift of Giving

I am sitting in Vancouver and it’s snowing! Watching the snowflakes fall reminds me that Christmas is drawing near and that it is also the time for giving – usually in the form of presents.