Roundabout Near Completition

The work on the Avda. Juan Carlos roundabout proceeds with the centre island already sporting the cobblestone inner track. Whether there are more congested places more worthy of a roundabout, that is another question, which we will look at later on in the article. However, one controversial point is that the roundabout has ‘eaten’ parking space in front of the bank, as it has done elsewhere around its perimeter.

Now, although this project came from the ruling party, the PP opposition soon pointed out that they had a better roundabout project for the same spot, so it would be strange if they later claim that the placing of a roundabout there was not a good idea.

I mentioned in a previous month that work had begun but I expected it to continue in a sporadic fashion, but we had completely forgotten to take into account the looming elections. Let me explain: under present regulations public works cannot be inaugurated close to the elections, within 30 days, I think it is, which means that the Mayor is rushing like hell to get as many things finished as possible before the deadline arrives, hence all this sudden interest in parks, gardens and roundabouts!

Back to the question of whether this roundabout was a priority, as there are more congested areas: the main crossroads near the bus-station exit. Surely this would be an ideal place for a roundabout, thus eliminating the need for traffic lights at one of the principal entrances to the town?

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