Roundabout for Town Centre

You will have noticed that something is going on along the main drag (Avda. Juan Carlos) between the bus station and the beach! Yes, the crossroads where the P-4 road from Mercandona (Maria de Pineda) cuts across it is being changed into a roundabout!

Work began with the junction being cut off with barriers and a JCB ripping up the tarmac. Once that had been done, however, the workmen appear to have lost interest in it; having made the visual statement that work is in progress.
Unfortunately, this appears to be a common modus operandi; i.e., work commences, disrupting all and then continues in a desultory fashion, dragging on for months – take the case of the bicycle lane along the far end of Velilla, for example.

Anyway, let’s confine this to the positive aspect – a roundabout! With a budget of 120,073 euros this circulatory solution should make life easier for internal traffic and close encounters with vehicle-encased lunatics less frequent.

The construction company is Construcciones y Viales Plata Ruiz S.L, and was chosen because it submitted the best bid from the twelve companies that came forward…

Other projects under way are a play park for Las Maravillas in La Herradura, worth 91,000; repairs to the sports area of Las Gaviotas school in La Herradura, too, worth 28,884 euros; similar repairs to the sports area of the Río Verde school, worth exactly the same amount; the construction of a play park in La Carrera, improvements to Empedraillo, worth jointly 90,000 euros; repairs to Centro Rural Los Martínez, 30,000 euros; renovations to the changing rooms of Las Tejas football grounds in La Herradura, 85,000; the last phase of the Parque Mediterraneo, 30,000 euros and finally improvements to the Acuario, worth 65,411 euros.

It has been a condition included in the project contracts that the companies chosen must use unemployed workers in Almuñécar.

Note: since this article was printed in the hard copy edition, work has recommenced on the said roundaboutsm, bless them…
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