Popular University Born

In Huéscar, a new university has formed that will offer courses in traditional areas that are in danger of extinction, thanks to the imbecility of much modern technology and the increasing apathy with which Spanish youth is infected.

The whole region is participating, including six town halls. Eighty courses and 500 formative activities will be on offer for the extremely modest matriculation fee of 30 euros yearly.

Besides traditional handicraft skills and artistic methods, courses will also deal with historical memory, environmental issues, language formation, and cultural discourse.

(As a side note, between 1809 and 1981, Huéscar was in war with Denmark, as a result of the Napoleonic wars over Spain, where Denmark supported the French Empire. The official declaration of war was forgotten until it was discovered by a local historian in 1981, followed by the signing of a peacy treaty on November 11 1981 by the city mayor and the Danish Ambassador. Not a single shot was fired during the 172 years of war, and nobody were killed or injured. Ed)

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