Alhambra Proxy in Guadix

A snappy Arabic name, Wadi Ash, will preside over Guadix Golf’s new project, aimed at recreating the emotional ambience of Granada’s Moorish masterpiece, the Alhambra.

Costing 296 million euros, this theme park is aimed at those who have visited the Alhambra and want more out of the experience. The Guadix mayor, happy with knowing 2000 jobs will be created, explained further:

“The old style of a golf course, along with some nice housing project alongside is long dead, and with Wadi Ash we are doing something completely different.”

He hopes that Alhamabra visitors will pop along the road up to Guadix so that they can feel again what they felt at the Alhambra, to recover some of those lost sensations. Of course, the old-style golf course complex isn’t all dead, as two new hotels, with restaurants and bars, will also be constructed.

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