Injured by Propeller

A bather on one of Almuñécar’s beaches was injured by a boat’s propeller on the Sunday the 25th of last month, at around 14.00h, when most our beaches were veritably ‘throbbing.’

The incident happened just off Cotobro beach and could well cost the 50-year-old woman her leg. In fact, such was the gravity of the injury that she was immediately evacuated by helicopter directly to Granada’s main hospital.

According to witnesses the accident occurred when the woman tried to leave the boat in which she and her family were enjoying the morning, by descending over the side. Again, according to these same witnesses, the person at the controls executed the wrong manoeuvre, causing the impact.

Although the emergency services were very soon on hand, fellow bathers had managed to immobilise the woman’s leg using beach-brollie poles.

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