Rumble at the Rastro II

Well, it’s quite different from the last one, I just like to write that! There’s been a kerfuffle in the Town Hall, wherein Sra. Maria Eugenia Rufino, leader of the opposition PSOE accused the Mayor, his party and the councillor in charge of these things, Sr. Gustavo Aybar of stealing the whole idea from her, denying a local resident the opportunity to hold an Arts & Crafts exhibition/sale and in general not being very nice people at all. Some consider that the lady can’t bear to witness a successful operation without either claiming credit or raining on the parade.

A vigorous response came from Don Gustavo, who pointed out that the original application from the lady in question was denied, due to the fact she was attempting to use public grounds purely for personal gain. The current format of the Eco Rastro on the other hand, provides funds for improvements to the Parques, and at the same time bringing people into Town, providing outlets for charities to raise funds and more people patronizing local businesses.
Despite the best efforts of the lady councillor, the International Club has received permission to renew the event, restarting in October. And the proceeds to date are being already invested in the form of a new pergola to provide some much-needed shade in El Parque.

Even better, local Carpenter, Jose Luis Fernandez Diaz-Aviles, won the contract to build it. Yes, ladies, he of the enormous eyelashes, strong, bronzed legs and aquiline profile. Oh, how I hate him! With the numerous trees planted last year by the International Club, El Parque de la Fuente has been greatly improved by the International Community – and there’s more to come.

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