A very exciting art project called ArteCalle has been developing over the past couple of months in La Herradura. It is the first of its kind and the driving force behind it is Andrea Auer from Kuerbis & Kaviar Art Studio. The results will be visible in the streets and in many establishments of the town between July 1st and Sept. 30th.

ArteCalle came to life because Andrea had an idea and a desire to do something beautiful in (and for) the town. In her own words, the idea “was to bring the flair of art into the village.” The intent was not only to beautify the town for the summer, but also to create a cultural art event that involved both local artists and establishments. The aim was also to create exposure for local artists and to generate interest in their works of art.

It was easy to get the local community involved because the project is such a creative one. Not to mention the fact that is has all the right ingredients in order to become a successful one. The concept is to decorate the streets and establishments of La Herradura with original and colorful artwork.

Different artists in the area will have their sculptures, paintings, ceramics and other art objects featured in various locations throughout town during the summer. There are 25 establishments participating in the project, ranging from the hotel, to boutiques, to restaurants and real estate agents. Naturally, the Town Hall is also very supportive of the project and hopes it will become an annual event.

Starting in July, you will see streetlamps throughout town decorated with large banners. Each banner, measuring 50 x 140 cm, will show a particular piece of artwork, the name of the artist, and the name of the establishment where you can view the original piece. The establishment pays a fee to sponsor the banner during this three-month event.

A brochure will be available that includes an ‘art-walk’ map with a route to follow in order to see all the pieces being showcased. Also look at the ArteCalle posters hanging in the surrounding towns for a list of all participants.

What a great way to spend the day in La Herradura – it sounds almost like an exciting treasure hunt to me! All the works of art will be available for sale through Kuerbis & Kaviar Art Studio. For more information see or contact Andrea at tel. 671 696 743.

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