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Women Wise – May

What a coincidence: The woman featured in my Women-Wise article this month is called Wise; Carolyn Wise – that is. I met her at restaurant Rincón de Peña Parda, in La Herradura and was curious to hear her story.

20 Handy Tips

My girlfriends and I were recently sharing very handy tips that have been passed down to us – mostly by our grandmothers. I haven’t tried all of them myself yet, so I can’t guarantee how well they work. Here are a few I’d like to share with you

The Gift of Giving

I am sitting in Vancouver and it’s snowing! Watching the snowflakes fall reminds me that Christmas is drawing near and that it is also the time for giving – usually in the form of presents.

Classifieds for Cancer

The AECC (Spanish Association against Cancer/Asociación Española Contra el Cancer) and The Seaside Gazette have teamed up to raise funds in the name of cancer. This project is in the form of the Classifieds ads page, which is now entitled Classifieds for Cancer. Starting this month, the Seaside Gazette is donating this page to the…

NLP Life Skills

NLP stands for Neuro Linguistic Programming. I have heard that term many times not knowing what it was exactly. So I decided to ask our own Gazette gal, Nicola Westby, to enlighten me seeing as she is a counsellor and NLP-qualified, master practitioner.


A very exciting art project called ArteCalle has been developing over the past couple of months in La Herradura.