Pickpocket Nabbed

The Guardia Civil in Granada have arrested a local man with previous convictions for deception and falsifying documents. He was detained sporting a rather nice wallet… unfortunately, the wallet contained the credit cards and DNI of a man from Almuñécar, and our crafty con artist had used the cards making purchases in the Almuñécar area to the value of €1,628.
The 43-year-old detained man, whose name was only given as J.L.B.P., was arrested as part of an ongoing investigation into the man and his activities.
The wallet was reported stolen by the owner, who advised police that it contained various cards and identity documents. On the same night as the theft, J.L.B.P., in the company of a friend, allegedly used the name, DNI and credit cards of his victim. The two continued to spend throughout the night, inviting bars full of local people to rounds of drinks as though it were going out of fashion, and all on the credit cards of the victim.
By the following day, when the owner of the wallet had finally managed to cancel his cards, the money was already spent.

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