Stink is Past?

Have you ever been in the Las Góndolas area of Almuñécar and smelt that awful sewage stench during the high occupation months? The smell emanates next to the bunker like building right on the corner of the Las Góndolas property, which is supposed to be a pumping station to take all the nasty stuff away. Well, the good news is, that the Junta have finally guarantee that the new installations will be completed before the arrival of summer – all work had been on hold for at least three months. The new building will house machinery more than up to the task of pumping the areas nasty bits away.
The problem has always been that the previous pumping station was just not up to the job, and work on he new one would have started six months ago had it not been for some technical issues, which presented themselves.
Anyway, all that aside, the 2.3 million euros has been allocated, and now the work will continue, which on completion should ensure that all those horrible bits and bobs make their way, swiftly and in an odour free way, straight up to the sewage treatment works near the entrance of the barranco de Ítrabo.

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