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No Altillo Parking

The chief opposition party, the CA, has criticised the fact that the Altillo underground car park is closed to all but residents with a reserved parking space.

No Stink

Finally we come to the new sewage pump installations outside Las Góndolas… It’s finished and there isn’t a whiff of… The Lord knows that it took years and tears, but finally El Paseo Reina Sofía near Las Góndolas no longer smells like a stink-bomb factory. They had to build something that Rommel might have been…

Stink is Past?

Have you ever been in the Las Góndolas area of Almuñécar and smelt that awful sewage stench during the high occupation months? The smell emanates next to the bunker like building right on the corner of the Las Góndolas property, which is supposed to be a pumping station to take all the nasty stuff away.

EBAR Ends Stink

Do you know what the EBAR is? It means Estación de Bomba de Aguas Residuales; in other words, sewage pumping station. Well, the blockhouse affair right next to Las Góndolas is precisely that.