Here’s a story with a happy ending, but also a worrying aspect to it as well. Some of you may have noticed the posters around the village last month asking for information about the whereabouts of a little Yorkshire Terrier called Heidi, who disappeared from outside De La Cuesta estate agents on the Paseo.
Well, the good news is that after a week away, Heidi was reunited with her extremely worried owner Nathalie from De La Cuesta.
However, the circumstances are a little worrying, as the rather lovely Heidi never wanders far from Nathalie, yet the person returning her said that she was found wandering around the street by some friends from Granada, and the posters requesting information had only been noticed when an offer of a €300 reward became evident.
It would, of course, be wrong of me to suggest that there was any intent on the part of the ‘finders’ to profit from this matter, or even to suggest that the ‘finders’ may have had a previous career selling ‘lucky heather’ to passers-by. (Lucky heather? A woman in London tried to give some, to which I replied… “Lucky? You’ve got a whole basket of the stuff and you live in a bloody caravan!” After which, of course, she put a curse on me and I ended up working for the Gazette!).
The point is people, in these difficult times, there may be an element out there who know just how much people care for their pets, so be vigilant!

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