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Carrington Builders & Decorators

Well after spending a lovely warm couple of months lazing around enjoying idle chit chat with your friends and family, discussing the improvements you would like to make on your home, why not give Bob Carrington a call and get a quote for the work.

Carrington Surprise

It is a truism to say that I have mentioned Carrington Builders in these pages on previous occasions, mainly because if you need any kind of building work done, large or small, they really are the people to get in touch with.
The “surprise” is not that well known about though… Bob and his trusty team may be able to sort out any project, from a new pool to a large conversion, but his wife Debbie can turn a simple wall into a work of art

Carrington Builds

Had a quick chat with Bob Coates from Carrington Builders and Decorators and asked if there was anything he wanted me to impart to our readers… and to be honest neither he nor I could think of much more to say about this brilliant team of highly skilled builders and decorators. Let’s face it, how can you improve on a formula and work ethic that has been good for over 30 years in the UK and six years here!