Clinica del Mar

Sergio at Clinica del Mar in La Herradura tells me that after a great summer, there are now a few changes occurring, the first of which is the departure of Sue Burnett, their resident Acupuncturist, who has returned to the UK along with her family. The whole team at Clinica del Mar wish her a happy and prosperous future, and wanted to take this opportunity to thank her for her years of brilliant work in our community.
As we know, in life people come and people go, and Sue’s departure means Clinica del Mar can say ‘welcome’ to Tina Hausser, who has arrived accompanied by skills in Acupuncture, Natural Healing and Aromatherapy. Sergio believes that Tina will be a valued member of the team.
Further news from Sergio is that after many months of boats, helicopters, plans, architects, technicians and a lot of telephone calls, this summer saw the opening of their new clinic in Ceuta, with Dr. Mónica Minutella as the Director, it completes another project.
In the coming months Clinica del Mar will be announcing some new and extremely exciting services. One of these services is fotodepilación (PIL) will be the subject of an interesting offer where a treatment plan or single treatment can be given as a gift.
If you want to know more about the new clinic in Ceuta, check out:ón_Ceuta/Video_pasado_durante_la_Presentación.html
There are also further details in their ad in this very publication.

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