Drunk German Driver

The Almuñécar Local Police stopped a German driver in the middle of town who was obviously drunk, in the early hours of one morning. Much to their surprise and to his dismay, he had a warrant for his arrest out on him – he was duly arrested.
As it was at three in the morning when a Local Police patrol witnessed a large 4×4 zig-zagging all over the place, and even bumping on and off the pavements. They signalled for him to stop, which he immediately interpreted as, “Accelerate and leave us behind, waving bye-bye.”
He was finally brought to a halt on the Cotobro road. When the Police examined 57-year-old J.Z.’s driving licence and ran it through their computer, they discovered – with great joy – that the Motril law court had issued a warrant for his arrest, for allegedly taking part in a robbery in 2005.

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