Almuñécar Art Gallery

Really, it’s not that hard to find, because there couldn’t be a better landmark: the main-road bridge over the Jete road, in San Sebastian. If you walk up to the bridge from the fountain, running down the side of the embankment there is a lane to the left. Just a few metres down, there is a multi-coloured metal door – that’s where the gallery is. It’s pretty spacious and is well lit.
I went along to see Judith Reason, who was in the last days of her exhibition of watercolours. She told me that despite the economic ills that surround us, the exhibition went well and she sold quite a few works.
During this month, two local female artists will be taking over from Judith, mounting a joint exhibition, so it will be well worth a visit.
The two lasses concerned are Ana María Jimñenez and Mari Ángeles Raya, both of whom were students of Magar, who is a well-known artist herself as well as being a professor of Fine Art. The gallery will be open from the 6th of June through to the end of the month and view times are 19.30h to 22.30h.

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