Municipal Tax Collection

The municipal tax collection service continues to collect complaints from the political opposition. The PSOE socialists claim that the tax-collecting service is a ‘real disaster and chaotic.’ They say that the taxpayer is confused because each different tax is collected in different time periods and the voluntary periods for payment varying in length.
The rubbish collection tax, says Francisco Prados, who is head of the local branch of the PSOE, is disastrous, especial the 5th and 6th bi-monthly bills.
Sr. Prados claims that if the Town Hall intends to collect these taxes then it must be through using public functionaries, but, he adds, as the system is not in place then the Town Hall has been forced to extended the voluntary period for payment.

Having firmly got his teeth into the subject, he continues by commenting that the system that is presently being used is neither cheaper nor more expedient; two things that the Mayor promised and used as justification.
Normally, he says, the tax on vehicles is collected between the 1st of April and the 1st of June, but this year this has been brought forward so that the last date for paying without having to also pay a surcharge for late payment was the 16th of April.
The Mayor’s take on this is very interesting and contrasts greatly, so don’t forget to read the interview with the Mayor later on in the section.

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