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The best thing to do is to start off this section with a positive, non-political article, because after this one it goes downhill into the political abyss that Almuñécar has become. So, here goes…
We have reported on this student theatre group before, made up of pupils from Almuñécars’ oldest secondary school, IES Antigua Sexi. SKS Teatro is a gem that enjoys more acclaim outside our municipal borders than within, but isn’t that always the story. The Spanish have a saying: Profeta en su tierra nunca prospera, which literally translates as: a prophet never prospers in his own land, or in other words, we never value our own talent amongst us.
It all started in 1995 as the idea from the Latin teacher as a way to brighten up the classes and have some fun with the language. However, from that innocent beginning, the idea took off with the nervous but very successful interpretation of the play called: Ese Simple Mortal Llamado París performed in front of their fellow pupils. And from there, a new classical Greek play has been performed every year. They have travelled all over Andalucía and further afield, going as far as Madrid and winning a first prize along the way.
They deserve to enjoy the full support of our Town Hall, but they do not – this is the fourth year that they have not been asked by the Town Hall to put on a play here. Sad.
Last month they began their 2009 tour, performing two plays: Alcestis and La Asemblea de las Mujeres. The second is a sort of comedy and tells of how the women of Athens took power, democratically, by pretending to be their husbands. It is one of the better-known works of Aristophanes.
Of all the writers of ‘Old Comedy,’ only one remains. Lost forever are the works of Chionides, Magnes, Ecphantides, Cratinus, Crates and Eupolis. All the surviving comedies of the fifth century B.C. belong to one man: Aristophanes. Fortunately, by most accounts Aristophanes was the greatest comic writer of his day.
Anyway, even if our Town Hall does not appear to support this ‘Profeta en su tierra,’ then at least, let us do it, even if it is only by visiting their web page and learning more about them at:

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