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Frigiliana Rocks!

By Editor

The Frigiliana Town Hall has become the sixth municipality in the province of Málaga to approve a 95% Plusvalia discount on Inheritance (mortis-causa). »

Cortijo Rubbish Collection

By Vivienne Hughes

Two years ago,for the first time, cortijo owners in Motril received a rubbish-collection tax through their letter box - they were not impressed. »

New Holiday Lets Bylaw

By Hugh MacArthur

Almuñécar is looking into bringing out a municipal bylaw concerning holiday-flat rentals in order balance this accommodation out with hotel occupation. »

Did You Know: Jack and Jill

By Martin Myall

What has a nursery rhyme and a liquid measurement have in common? You might already know, but if you didn't this might come as a surprise! »

Cash Payment Ceiling Lowered

By Martin Myall

The Government has the intention to limit cash payments to only 1,000 euros, dropping it from the present 2,500-euro ceiling. »

No IBI Drop for Almuñécar

By Vivienne Hughes

There has been a Plenary Meeting of the Town Council in Almuñécar where it was proposed that the IBI tax be dropped to 0.90% from the present 1.0% - it was rejected. »

Motril Cortijo Rubbish Tax

By Hugh MacArthur

The Motril Town Hall has begun a campaign to inform cortijo owners in the municipality about the new rubbish-collection tax to be levied on cortijos. »

Tax Tax Tax

By Martin Myall

Anybody who's been here a few years - several decades - will have realised how much prices have risen, none more so than the price of cigarettes. »

Capital Gains Tax

By Maria Teresa Velasco

The introduction of law 26/2014 of 27 November, changed dramatically the way Capital Gains Tax from the sale of an unmovable asset (a property) is calculated. »

New Fiscal Reform 2015

By Maria Teresa Velasco

2015 will be a year of change from a fiscal point of view. While there will be many fiscal reductions, there are areas where taxation rates will increase. Below is an overview of these changes »

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