30 years of municipal administration!

On the 3rd of April, the Town Hall organised homage to 30 years of municipal administrations in this new democratic age – under Franco such things were decided by the regime. To do this the present Mayor invited the first democratically elected town council to attend, which they did, all accept one, who refused point blank to share the same carpet as Juan Carlos Benavides.
Nicolás González Maraver, who was one of the PCE councillors (Partido Comunista Español) said that he would not attend because Sr. Benavides has been “the most pernicious mayor in the long history of our suffering town because he had fostered and maintained the most absolute political/urban development corruption,” adding that in his opinion the present Mayor has prostituted Democracy in our municipality, etc, etc.”
Reading between the lines it is possible to discern that Sir Benavides is not on Sir Gonzalez’s Christmas-card list.

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