Going back to the salaries paid out to political appointments in the area council (Mancomunidad), the leader of the IU has made public an interesting list that shows exactly who earns what.
Fermín Tejero, who is the leader of the local branch of the IU, pointed out that salaries eat into a stunning two thirds of the entity’s budget. In other words, of the 870,000 euro yearly budget, 516,000 euros is spent on political-appointment salaries! Arghhhh!
The latest two appointments each receive yearly salaries of 40,000 euros, whilst the two that already exist both munch into 50,000 euros, per-annum salaries!
Sr Tejero claims that these ‘magnum’ salaries are paid for out of the recent 10% increase in water bills. He considers that these salaries do not best reflect the needs of the people; i.e., taxpayers.
Another burst of payment in the form of 7,500 euros was paid to the Motril Town Hall for lending personnel to sort out the entity’s accounts, which Sr Tejero considers would work out much more viable to actually hire somebody to do it.

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