Illuminating the rock…

Good news: there is new lighting on El Peñon del Santo, more commonly known as the cross on the rock.
Although the rock has been illuminated before, it had fallen into disrepair and the work on the new lighting system took so long that some of the new installations deteriorated and broke before the whole was completed. The job fell to the Granada company, Montajes Electricos Mañas about two years ago with a budget of 88,000 euros.

The project was really two: firstly, the general illumination of the rock and the two smaller ones, called El Peñon en Medio and El Peñon de Fuera (Literally the Rock in the Middle and the Outer Rock), and the other part was the lighting of the pathway to the top and the cross area itself.

The first thing that you will notice, if you go past there during the day, is the two spotlights mounted on 10-metre posts, each with 2,000w capacity.

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