Pending insolvency averted

Going back to the Mayor’s announcement of pending insolvency last month, on the 7th of April he announced that the situation had been averted and that the salaries were now guaranteed. The 16 days of suspense were over.
The Mayor said that this favourable news was fruit of the Provincial Council finally handing over the necessary files – with 30 days’ delay – which have enabled the local tax collecting entity to send out the bills and bring funds in to cover the staff salaries.
One’s man’s economical crisis is another man’s bargain time, and that was certainly the case for holidaymakers that came to Almuñécar during Semana Santa.
A stay in a 4-star hotel during this festive period was normally an expensive choice but this Easter was different: a four-night stay from Easter Thursday to Easter Sunday was on offer at 31,30 euros per night, with breakfast included. Full board for the same period was only 44.55 euros! At those prices, it would be more expensive to stay at home and cook for yourself.
As expected, even at these bargain prices, the hotel-occupation figures for Semana Santa 2009 on the Costa Tropical was only 75% – a far cry from the hitherto habitual figures nearing the 100% mark. Last year, though, the writing was already on the wall with figures between 85% and 90% occupation.
However, it must be remember that there are many visitors during Easter Week that don’t stay in hotels, but do contribute to the economy of the hostelry sector – those that own holiday flats here or visitors that prefer to rent a flat to staying in a hotel.

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