Xmas Emergency 061 Strike

Monday, December 25, 2017
By Vivienne Hughes

AND Emergency 061The staff manning the two emergency numbers, 061 and 112, will be going on strike over the Christmas period.

Starting at 00.01h, the telephones in Andalucia will not be fully manned on the 25th & the 31st and then again on the 1st, 5th and 6th. This strike action also took place yesterday, Christmas Eve.

The problem appears to be subcontracting, which is producing unacceptable working conditions, according to the general workers’ union, the CGT. For this reason the union is demanding that the non-binding, law proposal approved by the Regional Parliament be put into practice in order to improve these working conditions.

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Because of this strike action, the Regional Board of Health has established minimum services which will mean that the provincial services for 061 will have 90% coverage on all of these days, precisely because these services are considered an essential regional services.

The emergency number 061 corresponds to the Servicio de Urgencias y Emergencias Sanitarias​​, whereas the 112 number is across the board for all kinds of emergencies; much like the British 999 service.

In the case of Level III and IV, Situations of Extraordinary Collective Emergencies, the coverage will be 95%.

(News: Andalucia)

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