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A Town Called Disgusting

A rose by any other name… tell that to the townsfolk of Asquerosa (Disgusting). No matter that it comes from Latin, meaning Aqua Rosae, (Rose Water) it still sucks.

Tax Tax Tax

Anybody who’s been here a few years – several decades – will have realised how much prices have risen, none more so than the price of cigarettes.

Tobacco and Spirits Hit by Tax Hike

The Central Government has just approved a 10-percent increase on alcoholic spirits and an extra 15 cents on cigarettes… bless them. This is the fifth tax rise since Mariano Rajoy came to power in November 2011.

Málaga Contraband Climbs

Thanks to the crisis, one of the few business sectors that is growing in the province of Málaga is the illegal contraband in tobacco and alcohol. Of course, Málaga isn’t the only province where this is happening, nor is the phenomenon anything new, because smuggling is as old as the hills and always flourishes when times are hard.

Goodbye to Tobacco

No, this article is not about giving up smoking, but rather a highway robbery. Yes, we know that the price of cigarettes is outright highway robbery, but we mean a robbery carried out on lorry carrying tobacco.

The Sound Rebellion

There is a disused secadero (tobacco-drying brick barns) that has been turned into a live-music venue in Alhendin on the outskirts of Granada, and it is very popular. However, the owner has just received a 30-month prison sentence for having the live music too loud, which means that the term exceeds the probation limit of 24 months and consequently, he will actually have to serve time.