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Pythons in a Suitcase

By Hugh MacArthur

The customs police at Algerciras Port discovered two pythons being smuggled into the country in a suitcase around the end of last month. »

Australian Apple Mapping Mahem

By David Darby

Australian police in the southeast state of Victoria have had to rescue a number of motorists who have become stuck, for as long as 24 hours in some cases, after following directions from their Apple iPhone mapping software. »

Wonky World

By David Darby

Three January edition articles from around the World, including the arrest of a man who tried to order drugs at a drive-through, a gun-dog that shot his master and a snake charmer who released his snakey friends in the local Tax Office. »

Unwelcome visitors

By Editor

When was the first time you came across a green scorpion in Spain – bit of a shock, wasn’t it? It doesn’t matter that the locals say that it isn’t deadly, unless you’re very young, old or have a weak heart; it’s a bloody scorpion! Mind you, they aren’t for the Spanish; they’re alacranes... »

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