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Australian Apple Mapping Mahem

Australian police in the southeast state of Victoria have had to rescue a number of motorists who have become stuck, for as long as 24 hours in some cases, after following directions from their Apple iPhone mapping software.

Wonky World

Three January edition articles from around the World, including the arrest of a man who tried to order drugs at a drive-through, a gun-dog that shot his master and a snake charmer who released his snakey friends in the local Tax Office.

Unwelcome visitors

When was the first time you came across a green scorpion in Spain – bit of a shock, wasn’t it? It doesn’t matter that the locals say that it isn’t deadly, unless you’re very young, old or have a weak heart; it’s a bloody scorpion! Mind you, they aren’t for the Spanish; they’re alacranes rather than escorpiones.