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Salobreña Castle in the Spotlights.

Well, not exactly ‘spotlights;’ better said, floodlights. The last time that the castle basked in splendid illumination was about four years ago. Now, to mark the start of the start of the Fiestas Patronales del Rosario, the flood lights set in the Paseo de las Flores went back into action.

Horseless Romeria?

The Romeria del Sur has been held in Salobreña for the last 50 years and each year the town is full of colourful horse carriages and proudly rode horses – just was a romeria should be… but not this year.

Rosario de la Aurora

At the end of December, at the inhospitable time of 6:30am it was raining, but that didn’t stop the traditional Rosario del la Aurora taking place. This tradition has been going since the San José village church.