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Road Cleared!

It took two months to sort out, but at last traffic started to move between Punta de la Mona and La Herradura along the beach road. Shortly after 11am one morning the barriers were removed and traffic, once again, started to flow on this important local route connecting the Punta to the main village.

Cocaine Find

The Guardia Civil have recovered a package from the sea, just off Punta de la Mona, containing 26 kilos of cocaine.
The find came as a result of a tip-off from someone who said there appeared to be a strange looking package, wedged between rocks, in the shallows just off the Punta.

Police Presence

You might have seen a pretty impressive turn out of the Guardia Civil where the motorway ends a slip road leads off to join the N-340 at Taramay.

Burglar Bagged

Homeowners will be able to sleep just a bit more easily thanks to the arrest of a 20-year-old Lithuanian burglar who allegedly had been doing the rounds in Almuñécar.

Rock ‘N Roll

After writing about the undermining on the Punta, and reassuring everyone that we were not suggesting that the area was about to fall into the sea, you can imagine my shock when that big old rock on the bend just before Chambao de Joaquin, came crashing down, completely blocking the road.


It was back in 2004 when the Seaside Gazette reported on what appeared to be the commencement of an illegal build next to Urbanización El Gallo, Punta de la Mona.